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waxx is elegant

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The High-performance
Ruby Development Framework

Waxx is a high-performance, functionally-inspired application development framework. It is optimized for code maintainability and high performance. Waxx is a no-magic framework that ascribes to the "what you code is what you get" (WYCIWYG) philosophy. The entire system is made up of functions. There are zero classes (except for a few hashes, arrays and structs). Functions are namespaced within modules. It is multi-threaded and extremely fast - similar to node and go frameworks.

Learn about Waxx and the Waxx philosophy on the intro page.

This website is running on Waxx and PostgreSQL. The footer tells how long it took to render this page. Check out the demo page for other sites running Waxx.

Read the Docs.

Contact the waxx team for training, consulting, or other questions.